Transport for London Canteen

Modus played an important role in furnishing the entire pop-up restaurant at designjunction - a collaboration between Transport for London (TfL) and Canteen which was one of the great attractions at the show. The restaurant featured the popular PLC dining chairs by PearsonLloyd and Multi dining tables by Michael Sodeau throughout the space as well as the Naughts & Crosses stools and bespoke banquet seating and tables - all produced by Modus. Visitors dined on classic British dishes in a space designed by Michael Sodeau, which featured large-scale archive images from the original 20th century TfL canteens.

Key Facts

Client: Transport for London and Canteen
Designers: PearsonLloyd, Michael Sodeau 
Products: PLC Side, PLC Lounge, PLC Table, Noughts and Crosses, Multi table

1400w x 934h TFL C v2