At Modus Contracts we are experienced in handling projects of all kinds from start to finish. We pride ourselves on our design and manufacturing expertise and our ability to engineer a broad range of products to your exact specification, producing beautifully crafted products that fall within budget, are installed on time and exceed expectations.

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We take an attentive and very client focused approach, identifying the key criteria of your project and listening closely to your concept, bringing our expertise and intrinsic understanding of design to each unique collaboration. Throughout the project you will have a single point of contact to ensure simplicity and continuity.

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Our highly experienced design department can work, either to your design, or with you to distill your concept into a design. We can provide space plans, M&E guidance, visuals, material samples, prototypes and model rooms to aid visualisation. We are proudly responsive to feedback, fine tuning the design to your requirements with a team approach to value engineering that ensures you achieve the optimum design at the right price.

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Our development centre is dedicated to bespoke production for those projects that demand unique design solutions or something specially developed to your specific requirements. We have many years’ experience of project specific product development and a host of happy clients.

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In developing custom fit products for any project, we apply our extensive manufacturing expertise, our creative approach to problem solving and our meticulous attention to detail and make the most of the latest digital technology and our experienced, practical approach.

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We operate around three governing principles; excellence of design, a superior quality product and service, and an approach that embeds sustainability into our process. We have very clear sustainability objectives that help ensure your project has the most positive impact on people and planet. We are a carbon neutral company and, in addition to this, we will plant one tree for every room. Read more about our approach to sustainability here

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Our extensive network of high quality brand partners enables us to fulfil complex FF&E requirements, enabling us to provide a complete turn key service, whilst securing the best value for your project. We work with some of Europe’s largest manufacturers of appliances including: AEG, Bosch, CDA, Electrolux, Elica, Fischer & Paykel, Gaggenau, Siemens and Zanussi.

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Project management

Our robust project management practices enable us to accurately measure progress, keeping us on schedule. A meticulously planned system helps you know exactly what to expect every step of the way. Detailed assembly instructions and a precise, room by room inventory, gives absolute clarity and precision to the project and helps future operations and maintenance.

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Logistics and Warehousing

From dedicated warehousing, to finely tuned logistics, our responsive communication and precise coordination of site delivery mean that we can work with you to ensure that your project delivers on time, every time.

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All production is carried out to our exacting standards by highly skilled craftspeople. We have many years’ experience in developing specialised pieces and manufacturing in large volumes with a very flexible methodology which means that we can dove-tail production to your requirements.

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Quality Control

Our in-house upholstery and joinery production lines mean we can keep a very close eye on quality. In the manufacture of any external production we have a robust QC process. Rigorous quality management of all aspects of delivery and installation ensure a smooth handover and a finished scheme that meets the highest standards.

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We have a highly experienced installation team with a dedicated foreman and installation manager assigned to each project to ensure installation runs like clockwork. Our installation management system uses a room by room installation sequence that is continually monitored, providing complete visibility. Our committed team will respond promptly to any issues that may arise with a can-do, customer focused attitude.

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Our dedicated day 2 department will iron out any problems that may arise following installation. Integrity, customer fulfilment and peace of mind are the keystones of our client relationships. We want your project to look good for years to come and for every scheme to minimise future load on operations and facilities teams so we offer replacement parts wherever we can.